CAROC Annual Banquet

Banquet Recap
Many thanks to Tony, Diana and our volunteers for organizing our annual banquet. The highlight of the evening was the presence of a new black Guilia Quadrifoglio. Thanks to Scott Graftt of Auto Barn for bringing out this 500+ horsepower work of art and, of course, to Richard Fisher for letting it loose. Parked in the spotlight in front of Pescatore Palace, the car attracted much attention, from us as well as other patrons. Nobody could just walk by without at least a nod. Droolcups available upon request.

Fired up, the car ran like a champ and sounded better. Switched to performance mode made the exhaust deeper and more intimidating than the top BMW. The interior, as plush and inviting as you can imagine. I suspect I could go a several hundred miles without succumbing to the “dead right knee” syndrome I seem to acquire after many miles in the Spider. I must admit, I enjoyed seeing Marco trigger the alarm system and search for a means to disable it. Fortunately, Scott was standing by with the magic key.

Inside the restaurant, Scott was kind enough to speak a few words on this great car and invite us all to AutoBarn in Evanston to plunk down a few bills and take one home. The version on display will run you about 80 large but I understand the standard versions will be more in the $40,000 range.

We had an excellent meal preceded by some of the best fried calamari I’ve had in years. Pasta, chicken beef and a variety of vegetables completed the fair.

Special thanks to those who donated service and merchandise for door prizes. Please patronize our donors and show your appreciation. Besic Motorsports, Glen Ellyn; Centerline- International and Semeria Imports of Wheeling, Illinois. Aside from our business members’ donations some of our individual members dug down into their our collections to put stuff up on the table. If I omitted a contributor please forgive me.

Several people commented to me about the absence of awards this year. Regrettably this is true.
Historically, Mike Besic has put together an extremely clever homage to a member’s costly automotive misfortune in the year preceding. Known affectionately as the “Go for Broke” Award, this award acknowledged some costly event in a member’s year. Piston meltdown, tree stumps vs. differentials; that kind of stuff. This year, however nobody seems to have had that wallet busting mishap. None at Blackhawk, Road America, New Glarus or other fine venue. Mike mulled it over for some time and surely consulted other members and could not come up with deserving contender. When he called me, I told Mike I could not think of a soul that did anything crazy in 2016, so we went without. 2017 is new so we will see what happens. If you have recommendations for next year send them in.
As for the Alfisti or Nuvalari awards, we are hopeful that ALFA’s return to the US market will bring in new members so we can present these awards to somebody who has not
already won.

I truly hope with return of the marque to the US we can stir some interest in the club and its related activities so we can restore this tradition.

Let’s all look forward to spring and to getting those cars, new and old back out there.
President January 23, 2017