Club Info

On September 6, 2015 your board had its third meeting of the year. Our next and final scheduled meeting for 2015 will be December 6, 2015, 9AM at Panera Bread in Deer Park, IL. Come and share your thoughts and comments.
In attendance on Sunday were: Dennis M. Sbertoli, Dave Johnson, Barb Carroll, George Mikhail, Chip Van Sant, Gregg De Zutti and Wayne Seely.
Items on the agenda consisted of:
1. The event calendar in general
2. Promoting Blackhawk Farms Track day recap
3. Picnic recap
4. Fall Tour
5. Web Site, generally
6. Elections
7. Banquet
8. Shop visit to Sport & Specialty in Durand, IL
9. Other ???

Read the full meeting recap. Read recaps of our previous board meetings.
If interested or if you have any comments or complaints, drop me a note at: